See How We Started

From our beginning with 1 Sponge and 3 Moves to doing over 100 art classes every month and now available for everyone Online!

Who We Are

Steve Faver is an artist with over 40 years of art experience.
Steve has worked with all sorts of mediums including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Pencils, Pastels, Airbrush and moreā€¦
Yet when it came to teaching art Steve discovered many do not have the dexterity to control a paintbrush.

Thatā€™s why he's created this unique painting program where 3 simple moves with a SPONGE and the painting is done!

Steve Faver created Art For All Ages in Seattle, Washington in March of 2014. What began as a free watercolor demonstration at a local art store quickly became a lesson that Steve never forgot.
On that day, only one senior woman attended Steveā€™s painting lesson. As she painted, she shared stories of her family and her life, but actually taught him two important things: Seniors enjoy the art experience as much as the finished painting. And they donā€™t have a lot of manual dexterity for paintbrush control.
From this lesson, Steveā€™s technique for sponge painting was born. Once he had several paintings prepared with his new method, he put together supply kits, trained engaging  employees, and began providing watercolor lessons in Retirement Communities. They were received with enthusiasm and earned a following of loyal clients.
This concept proved so successful that Art For All Ages grew nation-wide soon after.
Steveā€™s passion for making painting available to everyone, regardless of age or ability, made taking his courses online the next logical step. Art For All Ages, Online now brings his joy of art into homes, schools, and communities everywhere.
Steve lives with his family in Michigan, making our world beautiful, one painting at a time.